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Top 4 Cybersecurity Risks of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As)

Posted by Brandon Blankenship on Nov 11, 2021 10:58:22 AM

Buying a risky or vulnerable company is avoidable, and what you don't know can hurt you. Even with insurance or financial indemnification, cybersecurity breaches represent significant capital investment and brand risk. Cyber-related compliance requirements are often poorly understood, difficult to detect, introduce reputational risk, and cost time lost with outside auditors.   

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5 Steps to Creating a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

Posted by Brandon Blankenship on Jul 29, 2021 9:40:18 AM

Incident Response (IR) is the way your team reacts to an occasion of data insecurity. A cybersecurity incident is an event that threatens your operation's data or systems. Incidents might include malware infections, data breaches, unauthorized access, or any activities that compromise your computer systems' or networks' security. 

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Data Classification

Posted by Brandon Blankenship on Jun 15, 2020 2:07:40 PM

One of the more difficult and time-consuming projects in info-sec is data classification.   It’s especially difficult if you’re on a budget - which every company is.   When an organization is fairly new to the security and risk driven mindset and must prioritize their efforts to achieve the most bang for their buck; Data Classification is often near the bottom of the list.

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Normalization of Deviance in InfoSec

Posted by Brandon Blankenship on Mar 10, 2020 2:13:57 PM

Before a company starts down the path of information security, there’s often a looming feeling that something isn’t right and that the steps to fix it will take effort. I liken it to a messy room that they’ve simply closed the door on, so they can try to forget there is a mess to clean up. Every time they walk by the room, they feel a twinge of embarrassment or a spark of motivation to tackle the problem; however, that emotion lessons every time they walk by until the feeling evaporates. Now the messy room has been “normalized.”

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Getting Ready for CMMC – Capability Maturity Model Certification

Posted by Brandon Blankenship on Dec 20, 2019 6:45:00 AM

If you’re in the Department of Defense supply chain, you’ve become familiar with DFARS and the corresponding NIST SP 800-171 r1 over the last few years. It is a list of 110 controls that you need to be compliant with in order to continue supplying certain contracts.

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