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What Is a Cyber Risk Assessment?

Posted by ProCircular Team on Jul 3, 2023 11:48:13 AM


Cybersecurity threats are rising as more businesses and organizations rely on technology and digital solutions. Cybersecurity incidents result in significant downtime, making a reliable cybersecurity strategy essential for businesses intolerant to downtime. Many businesses struggle to allocate their security resources for the most effective solution. Cyber risk assessments allow you to identify potential risks in your system to make necessary improvements and protect your data. 

Increase your knowledge and awareness of this valuable cybersecurity tool for various industries.

What Is a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment?

A cyber risk assessment involves assessing a business's cybersecurity system and ability to protect its information from threats. This process helps your organization identify, analyze and prioritize potential risks to your system to determine if your cybersecurity system appropriately protects your data. For example, a cybersecurity risk assesment looks at your hardware, computer systems, data, and more to identify the risks that may affect such assets. A lesser-known fact about cybersecurity risk assessments is that these assessments identify risks and quantify them. 

Cybersecurity risk assesments are especially important for businesses with high stakes in digital operations because you gain valuable insights into the most vulnerable spots in your cybersecurity system. Improving those areas is essential to protecting your data. Conducting a cybersecurity risk assessment allows your business to proactively identify threats that could result in significant downtime and loss. A risk assessment also provides recommendations for improving the identified vulnerabilities to ensure your organization has the tools necessary to make adjustments. 

When it comes to cybersecurity responsibilities, there's often a misconception that the duties fall on the IT team. However, a dedicated cybersecurity team is often necessary to ensure effective security and evenly distributed workloads. Many businesses with significant digital operations have an IT team that often wears both hats. Hiring a professional cybersecurity company helps ensure a proper assessment and effective practices.

Benefits of Cyber Risk Assessment and Problems It Solves


Various industries are increasingly accepting and adopting cybersecurity risk assessments as a beneficial cybersecurity practice. Risk assessments solve various problems for your business, including mitigating business continuity issues and potential reputational harm. In addition to identifying vulnerabilities in your system, here are a few benefits of conducting cyber risk assessments.

ROI on Cyber Risk Assessments for Businesses

Risk assessments and cybersecurity strategies are investments for businesses of any size. As with any business investment, the best provide some return to make it worthwhile. The biggest return on investment (ROI) for cybersecurity risk assessments is the money you'll save from preventing cybersecurity attacks. With risk assessments, you'll have more funds for improvement and business growth.

Prevent Costly Cyber Incidents

In the United States, a data breach costs an average of $9.44 million, and depending on your industry, it could be more. The recovery process is extensive, too, often taking several months or years, and some businesses never recover after a cybersecurity incident. Risk assessments help you prevent cyber incidents from occurring in the first place so you avoid covering recovery costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Some industries, like healthcare, have strict privacy standards that businesses must comply with, or you may face costly fines. Cyber risk assessments help you identify holes in your compliance strategy to protect your and your customers' data properly. Conducting a cybersecurity risk assessment also helps you improve and maintain your regulatory compliance, even when compliance standards consistently change. 

Cyber Risk Assessment Process

The cybersecurity risk assessment process varies between industries and your business's unique regulatory requirements. Regardless, most cybersecurity risk assessments follow the same basic steps:

  1. Identification: Working with your IT team, choose assets for the assessment and identify cybersecurity risks associated with those assets. 
  2. Analysis: Next, analyze the chosen assets. Consider how the assets could be threatened, the likelihood of threats, and how an attack on the assets would affect your business.
  3. Evaluation: Evaluate potential security measures you could use to protect your weak spots. Consider the asset's value and the cost to protect it to ensure your decision is cost-effective. 
  4. Treatment: Finally, implement the security measures that will best protect your assets. Continuously monitor the security treatments to determine their efficacy and adjust as needed. 

While your IT team may be able to conduct a cybersecurity risk assessment on their own, the assessment is more effective with expert guidance. This is where the help of a professional cybersecurity team ensures your business is complying with industry security standards. Experts also make recommendations based on similar cases and industry expertise. 

Additionally, cyber risk assessments are not a one-time process — they require ongoing updates and monitoring. A professional cybersecurity team handles the necessary monitoring to keep your security system updated. This takes responsibilities off your IT team's plate, allowing them to focus on daily operations.

Cyber Risk Assessment Examples

Cyber risk assessments identify various issues for businesses in industries ranging from education to manufacturing. Risk assessments are particularly useful for identifying assets most likely to be targeted in a cybersecurity attack. For example, a risk assessment could discover weak login credentials and system configurations that lead to exploited sensitive data and unauthorized access. 

In this case, a cyber risk assessment would calculate your business's risk for exploitation through unauthorized access. The assessment may recommend implementing tools like multifactor authentication or access controls to verify user identities and limit which users can access sensitive data to help prevent future breaches.

Who Can Use Cyber Risk Assessments?

Risk assessments are beneficial for businesses in numerous industries. If your business uses digital operations, runs various platforms and stores, or uses private data, you should use cybersecurity risk assessments

These assessments are especially helpful for businesses that are intolerant to downtimes, such as manufacturing, healthcare, government agencies, retailers, and professional services. The downtime associated with a cyber incident is detrimental to profitability and the longevity of an organization.

Businesses of all sizes should use risk assessments to identify and correct weak spots in cybersecurity strategies. Gaining this type of visibility into your cyber risks is invaluable to your business's long-term success and reputation. From education and finance to government and healthcare, you can and should use cyber risk assessments to ensure strong cybersecurity. 

Enhance Your Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Process With ProCircular


Cybersecurity risk assessments are essential for detecting vulnerabilities in your business's cybersecurity strategy before they result in costly incidents. Risk assessments save you money in the long run and help you improve your strategies. As businesses increasingly rely on technology and digital processes, you should start or enhance your cyber risk assessment process with ProCircular. 

Having professional guidance from our expert team ensures your cybersecurity risk assessment is successfully implemented. We'll also provide recommendations and education opportunities to ensure your business is fully prepared for relevant cyber risks. Wherever you are in the assessment process, contact ProCircular for expert advice and assistance with cyber risk assessments.

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