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Cybersecurity Needs for Small Businesses

Posted by ProCircular Team on Nov 29, 2023 2:10:26 PM

In 2023, security company BlackFog found that cybersecurity attacks successfully hit 61% of small and medium businesses within the past year. As many as 43% of all data breaches target small and midsized enterprises, probably because they are less likely to have robust IT and security teams. For small businesses, it is essential to understand what cybersecurity is, what it encapsulates, how to use it, possible cybersecurity compliance requirements, and the impact of cyberattacks.

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Cybersecurity Challenges for K-12 Schools

Posted by ProCircular Team on Nov 29, 2023 1:43:16 PM
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A Comprehensive Guide to Cybersecurity Compliance for Your Industry

Posted by ProCircular Team on Oct 16, 2023 6:10:51 AM

Highly regulated industries, such as defense, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, education, and government, have incredibly stringent cybersecurity compliance requirements. This is for good reason — even a few minutes of downtime could be disastrous for companies in industries like healthcare and financial services, which could lose personal information, intellectual property, and revenue as a result of a breach.

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What Is a Cyber Risk Assessment?

Posted by ProCircular Team on Jul 3, 2023 11:48:13 AM

Cybersecurity threats are rising as more businesses and organizations rely on technology and digital solutions. Cybersecurity incidents result in significant downtime, making a reliable cybersecurity strategy essential for businesses intolerant to downtime. Many businesses struggle to allocate their security resources for the most effective solution. Cyber risk assessments allow you to identify potential risks in your system to make necessary improvements and protect your data. 

Increase your knowledge and awareness of this valuable cybersecurity tool for various industries.

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6 Industries Most Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

Posted by ProCircular Team on Apr 10, 2023 3:37:27 PM

Exploring which industries have the most cyberattacks can give your business insight into implementing the right security features and strategies to protect your information. Here are six industries that remain the most vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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