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Cybersecurity: Complex but not Complicated

Posted by Jake McGreevy on Aug 11, 2022 1:15:00 PM

The shift to remote work challenged organizations of all sizes to increase their digital footprint and allow everyone to collaborate and work from anywhere in the world to satisfy their customers and clients. For some organizations (usually larger), this is not a problem. However, increasing a digital footprint while keeping security at the forefront can be challenging for medium-sized or smaller companies. The pandemic has fueled an increase in cybercrime, and there are no signs of it slowing down.  

When the pandemic first hit, companies had to transform their businesses quickly, and with that came an increase in security vulnerabilities. It is not crazy to say that most small or medium companies think they are “too small” to be a target, but that is not true. The media likes to spotlight attacks on Fortune 500 companies and make it sound like vulnerabilities and malware are complex issues. This rhetoric makes smaller and medium-sized companies shy away from implementing cybersecurity programs and shift their focus to other business areas.  

The reality is that cybercriminals are organized and can attack anyone at any given moment. If your company has any value at all, you are a target. Attackers know that going after large companies is risky and increases their chances of getting in trouble with law enforcement. Ultimately, all they want are quick and easy paydays, and smaller companies typically are an easier target to hit.  

Attacks are Simple

Most cyberattacks are not that complex. Usually, when you see an attack on a larger company, they will call it a “sophisticated and complex” attack to try and justify to their customers why data was breached. In reality, you would be surprised at how simple these attacks are.  

For example, the “WannaCry” attack that crippled businesses worldwide was simply an exploit against a software vulnerability that should have been patched years earlier. If you did not patch your systems, you became an easy target for cybercriminals. Companies lost a ton of time and money remediating the lasting effects of the preventable attack.  

The worst part about WannaCry is that it was initially spread through simple phishing campaigns. The perpetrators sent emails containing infected links or attachments to companies, and the unknowing recipient, who usually lacked phishing training, clicked the link. It just takes one click, and an entire company can be infected. 

Cybersecurity: Keep It Simple

Cybersecurity is not a luxury targeted at large and fancy corporations; it is a business necessity for everyone. As the WannaCry attack example showed, having a cybersecurity plan is vital. Having critical systems in place without such a plan is like locking the front door of your house but leaving all the windows open.  

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