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How the Stars Protect the Cloud: 12 Pieces of Cybersecurity Advice Based on your Astrological Sign

Posted by Lindy Trout on Aug 31, 2020 12:15:57 PM

Cybercrime and cybersecurity are intimidating concepts, and with so many different services and methods of protection available, it is hard to know where to start! Keep in mind, the best cybersecurity program is the one that serves your needs and protects your organization. You should invest in protection that is uniquely suited to the size, maturity, industry, and compliance standards of your business. . . or you can pick something based on your astrological sign!

Just like you, a good cybersecurity program should be strong, useful, and constantly evolving to meet new challenges. Find your sign below to learn how you can start protecting your online privacy and digital information.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18) – The Aquarius sign tends to be intellectual and progressive, with a strong desire for community. Given these traits, an Aquarius may be the perfect person to manage your organization’s security awareness training for employees! Your end-users are your first line of security defense, and their proactive education will inevitably serve your organization. There are several styles of security awareness training, from automated phishing campaigns to interactive, gamified training like an escape room exercise. Digital products, like KnowBe4, aim to reduce the risk of human error by exposing your employees to the types of attacks that would potentially compromise their information. KnowBe4 and similar services offer training modules to ensure your entire staff knows how to identify and avoid the most common cyber threats.

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Three Cybersecurity Risks You Don’t Really Need to Worry About

Posted by Lindy Trout on Jul 30, 2020 10:24:57 AM

As a non-technical person working in the cybersecurity industry, I often find myself asking, “Do I need to be worried about [insert novel threat]?” I am almost always pleased to learn that the experts have considered these threats and created simple protective measures so that no, I do not necessarily need to be worried about [insert novel threat]. In taking a few simple precautions, you might never need to worry about these intimidating cyber risks ever again!

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Securing Your Home Office

Posted by Brandon Potter on Jun 25, 2020 10:53:54 AM

Working from home is becoming the “new normal” for many people affected by the global pandemic. As we get more comfortable meeting via video chat and tuning out the sound of the dishwasher, it is important to stay aware of the risks that threaten the privacy and security of yourself and your organization. Misconfigurations on your machine or perimeter network could leave your data exposed to dangerous cybersecurity threats. In an ideal scenario, your company would provide you with a managed device, pre-configured with security software and controls, but that can be prohibitively costly or significantly increase administrative overhead.

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Data Classification

Posted by Brandon Blankenship on Jun 15, 2020 2:07:40 PM

One of the more difficult and time-consuming projects in info-sec is data classification.   It’s especially difficult if you’re on a budget - which every company is.   When an organization is fairly new to the security and risk driven mindset and must prioritize their efforts to achieve the most bang for their buck; Data Classification is often near the bottom of the list.

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Making the Mountain

Posted by Jonathan Peters on May 27, 2020 12:54:51 PM

A guide to creating challenging, educational, and enjoyable vulnerable virtual machines.

Picture this, you've just completed another machine on TryHackMe, Vulnhub, or HackTheBox and you're left thinking to yourself "well I'd quite like to build one of those for myself" but then you realize that you don't have any idea of where to start. Fear no more! In the following post, we'll break down the core ideas behind creating an excellent box.

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