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How Often Should You Do Penetration Testing?

Posted by Willie Zhang on Jun 29, 2022 2:16:30 PM

A penetration test evaluates your external and internal networks from the perspective of a hacker and assesses the likelihood and impact of potential attacks.

Our cybersecurity experts at ProCircular recommend conducting External and Internal Penetration Testing at least once every year. Immediately after the penetration test, we’ll provide guidance to help you address critical and high-severity vulnerabilities. Over the following months, resolve lower-priority insecurities and recheck problem areas to prepare for the next annual test.

Why You Should Be Pen Testing Annually

In a perfect world, our experts would retest after any network adjustment or discovery of a new vulnerability within a cybersecurity system. In reality, penetration testing requires time and resources, so we use the results of each test for as long as they reliably represent the network security. The yearly cadence gives an organization enough time to implement the recommendations from the previous engagement while staying reasonably up-to-date on new attack vectors as they hit the cybersecurity landscape.

ProCircular’s penetration testers have the experience and technical expertise to help you understand exactly what each finding entails, and what it will take to seal that gap. Annual pen testing allows you to develop a clearer picture of your network year over year.
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60 Days as a Cybersecurity Intern

Posted by Willie Zhang on Nov 23, 2020 12:04:11 PM

Your first day at a new internship can seem intimidating. For most of us, it’s our first look into the professional world. Although you learn important concepts in school, the experience you gain in a professional setting is much more valuable; especially in the cybersecurity industry. 60 days into my cybersecurity internship at ProCircular, the team has taught me much more than I’ve learned on my own. Before my time on ProCircular’s red team, I was only able to learn about cybersecurity concepts through internet resources, such as TryHackMe, and different books I found online. The opportunity to be an intern has enabled me to grow my skills and knowledge through hands-on experience with real companies around the country. Practicing vulnerability assessments and social engineering in an environment where it is legal is, by far, a great improvement compared to assessing my own home network. It’s exciting to see the different services that real companies have and the different ways those real companies try to secure them. It’s a much more engaging and volatile environment than what you get in online learning.

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