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How Often Should You Do Penetration Testing?

Posted by Willie Zhang on Jun 29, 2022 2:16:30 PM

A penetration test evaluates your external and internal networks from the perspective of a hacker and assesses the likelihood and impact of potential attacks.

Our cybersecurity experts at ProCircular recommend conducting External and Internal Penetration Testing at least once every year. Immediately after the penetration test, we’ll provide guidance to help you address critical and high-severity vulnerabilities. Over the following months, resolve lower-priority insecurities and recheck problem areas to prepare for the next annual test.

Why You Should Be Pen Testing Annually

In a perfect world, our experts would retest after any network adjustment or discovery of a new vulnerability within a cybersecurity system. In reality, penetration testing requires time and resources, so we use the results of each test for as long as they reliably represent the network security. The yearly cadence gives an organization enough time to implement the recommendations from the previous engagement while staying reasonably up-to-date on new attack vectors as they hit the cybersecurity landscape.

ProCircular’s penetration testers have the experience and technical expertise to help you understand exactly what each finding entails, and what it will take to seal that gap. Annual pen testing allows you to develop a clearer picture of your network year over year.

Consistent Pen Tests Increase Confidence

You can think of a penetration test as a “snapshot” of your network security. The first annual penetration test report provides a prioritized list of remediations. In this example, an organization of K-12 schools assessed several of their sites to get a baseline of their network security. After that, their following reports become exponentially more valuable as they build a library of snapshots, demonstrating improved security posture and commitment to protecting client data. Evidence of cybersecurity planning will go a long way with potential investors and clients.

Greater Transparency Into Your Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

If any part of your environment is internet-facing, it’s safe to assume there are at least some minor vulnerabilities in the network. Revealing your gaps doesn’t necessarily mean creating a laundry list of nitty-gritty remediation work. The information in the report is considered reasonably accurate for up to a year after the test, so you can begin monitoring right away and make long-term improvements when the resources are available. It’s important to understand that the vulnerabilities exist whether they are revealed in a penetration test or not. Until you can seal the gaps, knowing where they exist is the next best thing.

Penetration Testing Assists With Your Cybersecurity Roadmap

“Where do we begin?” is a great question to ask when planning cybersecurity investments. From a technology/network perspective, an External and Internal Penetration Test is the most common and versatile place to start. The final report includes a prioritized list of remediations to prevent similar types of attacks by malicious hackers. Include these recommendations in your greater cybersecurity roadmap  to ensure technical vulnerabilities are sealed within a reasonable amount of time.

Reveal Cybersecurity Risks Before They Are Damaging

During a penetration test, an ethical hacker enters your external (publicly available) or internal (employee) network and works to escalate their privileges to the highest level possible in a domain: domain administrator. We document this attack path (and others, as applicable) to highlight the vulnerable entry points that need to be hardened. Sometimes, there are very easy fixes, like patches, password changes, or isolating legacy machines, that can significantly reduce the likelihood of a successful cyberattack.

Overdue For Cybersecurity Penetration Testing? Talk To A ProCircular Expert About Our Pen Testing Services In Minnesota & Iowa!

Proudly serving Iowa, Minnesota, and the entire midwest, ProCircular is among the nation’s best penetration testing companies. Our full cybersecurity penetration testing process provides an in-depth look into the current security of your internal and external networks. For local cybersecurity needs, contact our experts at ProCircular, give us a call at 844-95-SECUR (73287) or email us at with any questions you have.

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