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6 Benefits of Conducting a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Posted by ProCircular Team on Oct 2, 2023 9:49:00 AM


With so much of the world's business taking place online, cybersecurity threats have become increasingly prevalent. Cyberattacks cost companies millions of dollars a year, and not every business can recover from an incident like a data breach or ransomware hoax. A cybersecurity risk assessment evaluates how potential weaknesses could impact your organization.

Consider these advantages of cybersecurity risk assessments and why you should add them to your proactive IT strategy.

1.  Identifying Vulnerabilities

The ability to spot your organization's security vulnerabilities is one of the most significant benefits of cyber risk assessments. Any weak spots in your cybersecurity strategy can increase your risk of threats. For example, easy-to-guess passwords and holes in your firewall expose your system, creating a tempting opportunity for criminals to access your data. Risk assessments analyze your security processes, technologies, and methods to identify these issues. 

Pinpointing cybersecurity vulnerabilities is a critical first step to preventing security breaches. Once you know where threats could penetrate your system, you can make necessary adjustments to reduce the risks. A risk assessment also allows you to implement robust security measures to protect your system more effectively in the future. 

2. Protecting Business Reputation and Customer Trust

The steps you take to safeguard your customers' data impact your business' reputation and the trust your customers place in you. If your system's security is inadequate and you experience a breach, it will adversely affect your respectability and customer confidence.

When people choose to do business with you, they expect you'll take measures to protect sensitive information like their phone number, email address, and credit card number. Their opinion of you could suffer if hackers access this data, costing you current and future customers. 

Luckily, risk assessments can help prevent such scenarios. By taking proactive precautions to identify potential vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement, you'll have more effective security and show your current and future customers that you care about their privacy. The importance of risk assessment in cyber securityMaintaining high cybersecurity standards can improve loyalty, attract new business, and improve your bottom line.


3. Preventing Financial Loss

The average cost of a data breach in the U.S. continues to rise, reaching $9.44 million in 2022. While this number may vary depending on your business size, you'll still face a significant financial loss if cybercriminals target your business. With over 80% of companies experiencing one or more data breaches, it's not a matter of if it will happen, it's when. 

A financial loss of this magnitude is detrimental to any organization, and is far higher than the cost of a risk assessment. While a risk assessment is an investment, it can help you save money in the long run by preventing losses from a security breach. How much you pay for cybersecurity varies significantly depending on your company's size, data types, compliance needs, and other factors. On average, companies spend approximately 12% of their IT budget on cybersecurity. So, if your entire IT budget is $500,000, you'd likely spend around $60,000 on cybersecurity measures. 

When comparing the potential financial loss from a security breach to the cost of implementing cybersecurity measures, it's evident that investing in cybersecurity is more cost-effective in the long run. You're preventing financial loss from a breach by identifying and correcting cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Risk assessments can also lead to lower insurance premiums because they prove you're putting in the time, money, and effort to protect your data.

4. Complying With Regulations

When collecting, storing, and using data, many companies must comply with government and industry regulations or face fines and penalties. Cybersecurity regulations are in place to ensure companies have taken the appropriate steps to protect sensitive data. For example, health care companies must follow Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulations.

Risk assessments pinpoint areas where your system may fail to meet required regulations. Once you've identified where you may fall short, you can take steps to shore up your compliance. 

5. Fostering a Culture of Cybersecurity Awareness

Your employees and team members are a front-line defense against cybersecurity threats. Cybersecurity awareness in the workplace is essential to understanding and catching risks before they cause significant harm. Risk assessments improve your employees' awareness of weaknesses and show them what to look for to create a culture of cybersecurity awareness in your company.

Cybersecurity training is essential in helping your team strengthen their defense against security threats. A well-educated team is more secure overall.

6. Boosting Efficiency and Productivity

Improved efficiency and productivity are two of the most noteworthy benefits of risk assessments. Data breaches can take over 250 days to recover from, which means downtime and loss of revenue. 

Cybersecurity risk assessments minimize downtime to create a more secure IT environment and keep your company running at peak performance. Regular cybersecurity assessments ensure your security strategy works efficiently, allowing your operations to improve productivity without disruptions.


Conduct a Cybersecurity Assessment With ProCircular

It's impossible to overstate the benefits of risk assessment for companies. Still, if your business lacks a cybersecurity specialist and the necessary resources to address risks, your IT team may be overwhelmed. 

At ProCircular, our team will conduct your risk assessments for the best recommendations and security approach. You can trust our services to protect your data and people so your business can operate at its best. Whether you need an assessment or want to upgrade your entire security strategy, contact us for expert advice.

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