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What Is MXDR?

Posted by ProCircular Team on Feb 14, 2023 8:23:04 AM

A strong security plan is essential for companies in all industries. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the FBI has viewed a 300% increase in cybercrime. Cyberattackers continue to advance their capabilities, creating more severe problems. As cyberattacks continue to rise, security teams need to find new ways to protect their teams.

One security solution is managed extended detection and response (MXDR). What is MXDR? It's a comprehensive solution that can identify and eliminate security threats by constantly scanning data. By implementing MXDR security, you can protect your data and build resilience against future threats.

Read on to learn more about MXDR security.

What Is Managed XDR (MXDR)?

Managed extended detection and response (MXDR) is an outsourced, unified cybersecurity solution. It collects security data across network devices to detect, attack and prevent cyberattacks. MXDR gathers the security information and organizes it into a single display, boosting accessibility. In turn, organizations can analyze and investigate security threats more quickly.

It retrieves data from sources like endpoints, cloud storage, servers and workstations and puts it all together in a single display. 

MXDR has 24/7 security control that works constantly to identify and attack threats. It uses network security technology and firewalls to keep systems and endpoints secure. The software goes beyond basic monitoring and uses threat-hunting technology to identify malicious activity in endpoints or networks. It identifies threats before the system processes an alert, allowing organizations to respond more quickly.

MXDR security platforms also rely on in-depth intelligence, forensic data and analytics. Your solution provider can help investigate incidents and remediate incidents when they occur.

An MXDR solution can help you form a robust security plan. It organizes all security logs into one display, making it easier to develop a comprehensive plan. You can view all suspicious activity in one accessible frame. This structure enables faster analysis, investigation and resolution. In other words, MXDR combines all data security retrieval into one accessible feature.

Cyberattacks occur roughly every 44 seconds, posing severe threats to secure data and systems. Adopting an MXDR security platform can help organizations with limited security staff. It can also help with a lack of specialized knowledge in areas like forensic investigation and malware analysis. 

EDR vs. MDR vs. XDR

MXDR is made from previous versions of security systems, such as these types:

  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR): As the name suggests, EDR focuses entirely on endpoint security. Endpoint security consists of securing entry points of end-user devices. EDR is a layered approach that combines real-time monitoring with analytic capabilities. 
  • Managed detection and response (MDR): MDR is another security-based solution. It focuses on protection across all of your resources. It hunts for threats in all of your systems and responds when they detect them.
  • Extended detection and response (XDR): XDR provides comprehensive and proactive protection for your endpoints, network, users and cloud workloads. It offers visibility across all of your data to detect threats.

When considering MDR vs. MXDR or MDR vs. XDR, remember that MXDR merges the features of the prior generations. This integration allows MDXR to provide a thorough security solution for internal and external systems. 


How Does MXDR Work?

An MXDR system contains multiple layers of tools and capabilities that work together to create a unified security solution. These are some of the components of an MXDR system:

  • 24/7 monitoring: Your MXDR system works at all times to search for threats or ongoing attacks on your system and endpoints. The platform gathers security information and data from cloud systems, firewalls, system logs and other network devices. Then, it combines this information into a data lake, making it simpler to analyze threats across all platforms. If the MXDR detects a threat, it analyzes it and determines its severity. For instance, it might label a threat as "Critical" or "High Priority." Then, it alerts a response team to address the issue. 
  • Threat hunting: MXDR also uses threat hunting to maintain security. A thread-hunting system searches thoroughly through all security data, looking for hidden malware or attackers. Threat hunting focuses on your system's deep digital environment, seeking suspicious activity that might otherwise be missed. This proactive component adds even more security to your network.
  • Cyber forensics: In addition, MXDR uses cyber forensics. This process investigates and reconstructs the events that led to a security breach. The process helps you identify perpetrators behind cyberattacks so that you can take necessary follow-up actions. This service also provides recommendations for resolving the breach and advice for preventing future occurrences.
  • Threat intelligence: MXDR solutions can also provide updates on current attacks and strategies from cyberattackers. In turn, your company can use the information to protect against new threat types.
  • Regular support: Many MXDR services assign you a dedicated analyst for your organization. The expert uses your enriched data and advanced knowledge of your application to provide personalized support. The system or your analyst will alert you of severe threats immediately. If they notice suspicious or less severe activity, they can email you with further explanation. In addition, some providers offer regular check-ups where you can discuss the recent activity and enhance your security plans.

Benefits of MXDR

Investing in an MXDR system can bring many benefits to your organization, including:

  • Comprehensive security: MXDR encompasses all areas of security — your endpoints, networks, cloud systems, user behaviors and more. By covering the entire digital ecosystem, you receive a comprehensive solution for your security needs. From constant monitoring to quick responses, the different components of MXDR offer a complete and standalone solution for your organization. Or, you can use MXDR as additional support for your security infrastructure.
  • Unified structure: MXDR gathers data from all endpoints and network systems, then combines the results into one interface. This structure simplifies the gathering and investigation processes for analysis. You can easily view all recent activity, identify trends and develop plans for resolution.
  • Versatility: MXDR is also highly versatile, adapting to meet your organization's specific needs and applications. For instance, it can analyze your existing security structures and integrate with them. The platform can also suit a wide range of industry types, no matter your security needs.
  • Peace of mind: With so many cyber threats around, it's often challenging for organizations to feel entirely protected. But with MXDR, you can feel comforted with the solution's robust nature. It offers maximum protection across all sensitive areas and endpoints, allowing you to feel more confident with your digital systems. If your organization uses remote or hybrid work options, this maximum security can become an even higher comfort. You can focus on daily operations and leave security matters to the system.
  • Regular support: Your MXDR solution provider can help you navigate any security situation. They provide ongoing support and in-depth explanations of any security threats that arise. If the system detects a critical level of suspicious activity, your analyst can alert you immediately. They can also offer tailored solutions for your specific network set-up and applications. Their skills and expertise can help you build an advanced and extended security plan.


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Managed detection response is an excellent security solution for organizations worldwide. At ProCircular, we understand the importance of a robust security plan. We help businesses transform their security processes with our advanced solutions.

Our MXDR solution can prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats. We combine 24/7 monitoring with high-quality AI technology to respond to threats quickly. Our system incorporates your data into ProCircular's Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) engine. This platform helps to analyze data more quickly and thoroughly. 

We also assign you an expert data analyst to provide tailored recommendations and assistance. They work closely with you to design custom threat-hunting and security plans. We look at your organization's individualized needs and industry regulations, then develop a security structure that aligns with them.

Now that you can answer "What is MXDR?" if you think MXDR is the best cybersecurity solution for you, choose ProCircular today. Contact us today to get started!

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