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Company Catch-up: ProCircular’s Journey From Tech Startup to Inc. 5000 Company

Posted by ProCircular Team on Aug 16, 2022 12:53:06 PM

Aaron Warner founded ProCircular, Inc. in 2016 when he recognized a missed opportunity to bring the emerging cybersecurity industry to the middle of the country. Tech experts predicted that our world’s tremendous and sudden reliance on virtual information systems would create lucrative opportunities for international hackers. As tech solutions develop, they often start in more heavily-populated regions before making their way into the mainstream. However, cybersecurity threats are not geographically limited, and midwestern companies were at risk of facing cyber threats with little access to well-established, local support.

Our Story

ProCircular was born when a small group of technical security and compliance experts came together under one roof and agreed to seven core values that would guide the company. Firstly, It’s About the People. Although we work to protect computer networks and the data therein, our goal is to protect the people who that data loss would exploit. We have seen how internet extortion has affected our local community's health care facilities, public institutions, and individuals (including minors). That’s why we hire the best technical, operational, and creative experts, regardless of their different cultural backgrounds, to protect our clients from ever-evolving threats in the cyber landscape.

Since opening our doors six years ago, ProCircular has opened two additional offices in Des Moines and Minneapolis and grown our team by over 100%, with employees in 10 states. We were honored to be named Corridor Business Journal’s Best Cybersecurity Company in 2018 and one of the Fastest Growing Companies in both 2020 and 2022.

Our Community

Our investment in the local community doesn’t stop at protecting their tech. ProCircular invests in local talent by developing internship programs with the University of Iowa, Kirkwood Community College, and other small institutions like St. Ambrose University. Highly motivated college students work directly with senior analysts and consultants to eventually take ownership of projects.

At ProCircular, we centralize top-tier experts from across the United States and international vendors to ensure our clients get the best protection from a trusted, local partner. Our internal community is supported by well-established company culture. We respect our employees by offering flexible schedules and generous time off for full-time employees. These are some of the reasons ProCircular was voted the best place for working parents in 2022.

Our Pandemic Response

ProCircular’s exceptional pandemic response allowed us to serve clients throughout their transitions to remote working conditions. This success is due to the proactive formalization of business continuity planning in late 2019 and early 2020. Our cloud-hosted infrastructure made the transition to remote work simple, and the company was young and nimble enough to shift into the “new normal” very quickly.

Although there was confusion and anxiety surrounding cybersecurity during the early adoption of remote work, ProCircular knows that Fear is the Mind-Killer. We worked to improve understanding and guide decision-making for our clients who needed it. We took the opportunity to roll out new remote internal penetration testing methods, virtually-conducted risk assessments, and a 24/7 Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) offering.

We're Here to Help

Not all security companies in Iowa or Minnesota are created equal. ProCircular can provide you with expert cybersecurity guidance and direction, whether compliance, technical controls, disaster recovery, or incident response. Learn more about our services by calling our cybersecurity team at 844-95-SECUR or emailing Contact ProCircular today for a free quote.

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