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Do we need a SIEM if we already have an IT Solution?

Posted by ProCircular Team on Sep 30, 2020 8:34:50 AM

Yes! SIEM (Security Information and Event Manangement) helps with compliance reporting and real-time incident response by centralizing, analyzing, and reporting data about your organization's security events. Other security software has a narrow scope of detection and remediation. SIEM is the most comprehensive type of defense for your network.

You can think of a SIEM as a screen that shows everything happening within your network. An engineer, either internal or contracted, then watches the screen and investigates suspicious or unusual activity. Unlike antivirus solutions or firewalls that scan certain points for malicious activity, a SIEM can find activity affiliated with an attack. For example, A zero-day vulnerability is an unknown exploit in the wild that reveals a vulnerability in software or hardware and can create complex difficulties completely before anyone recognizes something is corrupt. Most IT solutions are not equipped to protect and monitor such advanced attacks. The foresight of a SIEM program allows companies to begin their response process before the attack can have harmful or lasting effects.

Security is one part prevention and one part reaction. SIEM functions as the best of both worlds by initiating alerts at the first sign of an attack, as well as producing logs of the event in the case that a malicious actor was to gain access.

SIEM software’s log aggregation capability makes it an essential component of the incident response process. Log aggregation consolidates your network information to make it searchable and explorable. This is not a standard feature of other IT solutions.

Although the monetary cost of a data breach is an important problem, the impact on the brand is another story. This is particularly true in delicate enterprises where an attack can degrade customer faith in brands and entire business divisions. Every day, malicious actors are working on new ways to gain unauthorized access to your system and wreak havoc. A SIEM program protects your company’s sensitive data and establishes proof that your system is monitored. You may need to show this proof to meet industry-specific compliance standards; it can also be reassuring for your vendors and clients.

Improperly managed cybersecurity has severe consequences on your organization’s brand and financial standing. SIEM keeps your system secure and information safe from hackers. As you and your company assess your risk and exposure to cyberattacks and data theft, remember that there is no avoiding the consequence that this new threat has on all businesses of any size. After all, your business is only as secure as the data you hold.

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