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ProCircular Offers Free Cybersecurity Scans to Critical Infrastructure

Posted by Aaron R. Warner on Mar 26, 2020 11:41:39 AM
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Preventing COVID Cyber Breaches: ProCircular Offers Free Cybersecurity Scans to Critical Infrastructure

In support of efforts to curb cybersecurity-related issues related to the spread of COVID-19, ProCircular is offering a free vulnerability check for the networks of organizations deemed Critical Infrastructure in Iowa and adjacent states.

“We’re making every effort to support healthcare, finance, logistics, utilities, and other critical infrastructure,” said Aaron Warner, CEO of ProCircular. “These scans will identify cybersecurity weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers at a time when companies are focused on combatting the spread of this pandemic.”

With millions of people now working from home, many organizations are struggling to safely support this sudden, necessary demand for remote access. This isn’t lost on hackers who have quickly sought to take advantage of the situation. ZScalar, a security research firm, has identified more than 20,000 unique incidents of COVID-19 related phishing attempts in March alone.

At such a critical time, organizations dedicated to mitigating the effects of the pandemic must be protected from any threat to their progress. Ensuring their networks have not been exploited will help keep operations running smoothly.

“ProCircular is always careful not to use fear as a motivator, and this seemed like a rational way to do our part without contributing to the growing anxiety,” said Warner.

If you have any questions about this service or are interested in learning more, please visit our homepage and follow the prompts.

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