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When vulnerability assessments make sense

Posted by Aaron R. Warner on Nov 26, 2016 1:14:20 PM
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 doctor check up_sm.jpgA good vulnerability assessment will provide you with a good understanding of the basic risks your organization faces. Many infosec companies will only run an application against your network, but ProCircular's service offering is more in-depth and actionable. We use a variety of automated and manual tools to provide inside into your organization's network, social media, website, and identity. We combine those data into a single report that allows you to prioritize your efforts and make the most out of your limited resources.

There are several occasions on which a vulnerability assessment makes sense:

  • Most cybersecurity insurance policies require an initial assessment and yearly assessments thereafter.
  • Infrastructure changes such as new hardware or border devices may open new risks.
  • Deploying systems to the cloud introduces new risks
  • Adding locations to your organization
  • Mergers and acquisitions cause an organization to take on the strength and weaknesses of the new addition to the company.
  • New cyber risks are launched every day in the black hat world and ProCircular stays up to date and adds these to each assessment.
  • Launching new applications may be cause for a new assessment to determine any new risks brought in the application. This is particularly true for web applications or new Wordpress plugins.

All of these changes are potential triggers for a vulnerability assessment. It's an excellent way to start a security program, to take credit for the work done on an existing program, or proof to your customers that you take cyberscurity seriously.

A sample vulnerability assessment, scrubbed of client information, is available here. A more detailed technical example is here. 

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