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Bryan Prather-Huff

Bryan Prather-Huff is a Security Engineer at ProCircular. His background is in system administration and software development with a BS in Computer Science from The University of Iowa. In his free time Bryan likes to drink dramatically too much coffee and ponder the mysteries of the universe with his cat, Ms. Meows. He also does Virtual Reality development as a hobby.
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Securing Your Home Network

Posted by Bryan Prather-Huff on Jan 10, 2017 7:58:17 AM

As strong as the weakest link

You probably know that having network security in the workplace is important, but what about your home? Most people use their home internet connection for everything from finance to important personal correspondence, all of which should be secured to the individual. In this blog post we will explore some simple tricks that will help you make your home network more difficult for intruders to access.

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